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If you are here, it means that you just have received a gift, lucky you!

But let me tell you that I’m lucky too because I had the honor to design these gifts, and I’m gonna show you some recommendations.

Let’s go!

I’m sorry
I haven’t introduced myself yet!

You can call me Sierra and like you, I have participated in previous bundles. I LOVED the experience and I coudnt be happier when Learning with the Bundle Lab ask me to do this job.
I’m a graphic designer and an illustrator specialized in Social Media. Do you need help with the design of your feed? Or maybe you spend way too many time editing your reels.

But I’ll tell you more about my services later, let’s see some ideas for your new stationary that you will love.

¡Hola! Soy Sierra, de Sierra Graphics. En nuestro estudio peludo hacemos diseño gráfico para tu marca: branding, edición de video, ilustración, edición de reels... Si has empezado a con tu marca y necesitas un logo, un cartel o una infografía, no dudes en contactarnos, trabajamos pata a pata y con mucho mimo desde Asturias.

Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist

Personalized Initials

You have recived an illustration with your initial like this one. S is for Sierra, of course! 

I recommend you to print this illustration in a A4 size:

148 x 210 mm
6 x 8 inch

You can choose a wood frame and it will 


I’ve always love to design my own planners. You can print this one in a A4 size (the design it is a little tighter but you can cut it after):

210 x 297 mm
8.27 x 11.69 inches

Here are two ideas:
Frame it and write in the glass with a marker pen, you can clean it with a simple cloth.
Or you can put it on your desk. I this case I recommend you to protect it with a plastic cover.

I know! Life in plastic isn’t fantastic but if you already have one of those at home, they will protect your planner.


Who doesn’t love to make lists? Well, at least I do!

I recommend you to print this illustration in a A6 size:

105 mm x 148 mm
4 x 6 inch

If you use a planner, you can stick the list to your pages or you can use a hole paper punch so you can use it in your own planner.

Lists are a very good option to write down something quickly like the groceries, have some already printed in your kitchen and they will save your day!

You can use almost any kind of paper to print them but I recommend you to use a 200gsm matte paper, you will love the result!

And me to! Tag me in your pictures so I can see them 😊

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Sierra Academy - Psicología del color y como aplicarla en tu marca - Masterclass online,

What can i do for you?

If you have made it to this point, I really hope that you like your gift.

Personally, I’m a little freak of productivity and organization, so you can imagine how I enjoyed doing this.

As I told you before, I’m a graphic designer and an illustrator, if you have your own brand I’m sure that I can help you with your graphic content.

I’m the Social Media manager of 3 brands at the moment, I create the graphics and the strategies so they can growth.
But if you still want to have full control of your social media maybe you can use some personalized templates for your feed.
Or I can edit your videos for a very good price.

Did you just started with your own brand? Let me help you with the branding.

I know, I know!🇪🇸
All the info is in Spanish but you can contact me directly, I do speak English (some years living in The Netherlands and Ireland helped me with that) and I would be glad to explain my services to you.

You just have to fill the form below or writme an email to:

hey! If you liked my work maybe we can work together

Do not hesitate to contact me through the form below!

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